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The Story Of Julian Suarez, a salsa dancer, who loves women so much he can't have just one. Three in particular have caught his eye at the moment; Genny, voluptuous, rambunctious & romantic; Ingrd, posh, daring, sophisticated; and Maria, artful salsa dancer. It seems like Mr. Suave may have just met his match with Maria ... Makes him wonder when is it really the right time to settle down?



Cast:  Vaneik Echeverria, Adrian Manzano, Simon G. Mueller, Susan Quinn, Sofia Rodriguez, Gabrielle Ruiz, Marisol Carrere, Jorge Hoyos, Carlos A. Gonzales, Justin Arnsworth, 


Producers: Gabriela Jerez - Cinematographer: Maleche Stewart

Editor: Patrick Ryan Morris 

Original Music: Gianni Mano, GC castillo



90 min - English  - New York City - HD1080/24p

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